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tea-n-brains asked, "Hello hello! Out ofncuriousity because it have been asked before: Have you ever posted where to find the mirror in 221b?"

Indeed! Our post on 221b’s mirror can be found here.

If you like mirrors, we also have Irene’s mirror here :)

jawnderlust asked, "Hello! I was hoping you could help me find where to purchase Sherlock's coffee table bowl/ fruit basket? It's pictured in your post on Mary's white Zara blouse. I love that bowl and I'm dying to have it! Thank you for your help!"

Hello there! The fruit bowl in 221b is the Campana Brother’s “blow up” design. We have a post about it here. Now it can be yours! 

Marc Jacobs Stam Bag
As used by Janine in His Last Vow

Quilted leather, golden brass hardware. Framed top with kiss-lock closure.
£871 / $1,495 No longer available 

mrslokke asked, "Hi! Could you please tell me which brand the grey shoulder bag Benedict is carrying in the Boston film set pics? Thank you!"

Hello! Unfortunately he’s had that bag for at least a year (he had it during setlock last summer x) and possibly longer, which makes identifying it very difficult. Sorry :(

We’ve had a lot of asks about his bag, so if anyone has any information about it then please tell us!

Marni Pleat Dress
As worn by Janine in His Last Vow

Silk/acetate mix. Black trim.
No longer available. 

Zara White Blouse
As worn by Mary in The Empty Hearse

85% mulberry silk. Appliqué and lace collar.
£40 / $68 No longer available

H&M Multi-colour cardigan
As worn by Molly in Series 3

V-neck front. Jacquard knit. 5% Angora wool.
£24/ $40 No longer available
[Found by batched]

Lacoste Plain Showerproof Parka
As worn by Benedict Cumberbatch at Roland Garros 2014

Double-sided poplin, 100% cotton. 
£280 / $475 Available here at lacoste.com

He was also wearing his Persol sunglasses

Lacoste L.12.12 Original Polo
As worn by Benedict Cumberbatch at Roland Garros 2014

100% cotton pique. 
£75 / $126 Available here at lacoste.com

Zara Sarong Dress
As worn by Janine in His Last Vow

100% Polyester. Floral print. Side slit.
£40 / $70 No longer available

Silhouette Titan Design 7661 Eyeglasses
As worn by Charles Augustus Magnussen in His Last Vow

Titanium frame. 
From £235 / $396 Available from select retailers (discontinued)

Persol PO3039V 900 Matte Black Glasses
As worn by Benedict Cumberbatch

Acetate frame. Arrow hinge. 
£137 / $230 Available here at eyewearbrands.com

kixwif asked, "hello, i know this blog is mostly about the things that the people wear in the show but i was wondering if you ever track down items that the actors wear outside of the show?"

Good morning :)

We do indeed, check out our tags:

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my-citrus-pocket asked, "I'd love to know what trainers Mycroft wears during his workout in The Sign of Three. I'm sure it would keep me and others motivated to go to the gym with them on a regular basis. ;)"

Mycroft is wearing a pair of Adidas adiSTAR Racer Shoes during that wonderful scene :D They’re available here for a motivational £57! 

(keep an eye out for a Vision TF20 treadmill while you’re at the gym too)

Vortex Momentum Harlequin wallpaper
As seen in Charles Augustus Magnussen’s office in His Last Vow

68cm x 10m roll. Washable.
£47 per roll / $77 Available here at decorsupplies.co.uk