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my-citrus-pocket asked, "I'd love to know what trainers Mycroft wears during his workout in The Sign of Three. I'm sure it would keep me and others motivated to go to the gym with them on a regular basis. ;)"

Mycroft is wearing a pair of Adidas adiSTAR Racer Shoes during that wonderful scene :D They’re available here for a motivational £57! 

(keep an eye out for a Vision TF20 treadmill while you’re at the gym too)

Vortex Momentum Harlequin wallpaper
As seen in Charles Augustus Magnussen’s office in His Last Vow

68cm x 10m roll. Washable.
£47 per roll / $77 Available here at decorsupplies.co.uk

Zoffany Villiers striped wallpaper
As seen in the hallway of 221b

52cm x 10m roll. Spongeable.
£55 per roll / $90 Available here at selectwallpaper.co.uk

Drake’s London Shawl Collar Cardigan
As worn by Benedict Cumberbatch at #Applelock

Tan leather buttons. 100% cashmere. 
£695 / $1,134 Available here at drakes-london.com

He was also wearing his Nudie Jeans shirt!
Click here for Benedict’s other Drake’s cardigan.

NW3 by Hobbs Gold Ochre Coat 
As worn by Molly in The Empty Hearse

Three quarter sleeves. Patterned lining. 98% Cotton.
£159 / $259 Available here at hobbs.co.uk (currently on sale)

Somerset by Alice Temperley blue button detail suit
As worn by Mrs. Hudson in The Sign of Three

Round neckline jacket. High-waist skirt. Both 64% Polyester.
£300 / $488 No longer available

Dents ladies leather gloves
As worn by Mary in The Empty Hearse

Milanese silk lining. Navy leather exterior. 
£89 / $145 Available here at dents.co.uk

Albam Clothing Artisan Shirt
As worn by John in His Last Vow

100% cotton. Chest pocket with button. 
£89 / $147 Be added to Albam’s waiting list here if you’d like to purchase

Isable Marant Étoile sheer stripe blouse
As worn by Mary in His Last Vow

Round neckline. Placket detail. 100% Silk.
£269 / $441 Available here at farfetch.com (currently out of stock)

purelandluver asked, "Hi, I'm here to ask: where can I buy the tea with artificial eyeballs?? They look so cute and I just wonder if I can get one too if not using some real eyeballs ;)"

Hello :) First of all, thank you so much for this question. The concept of “cute eyeballs” gave us a bit of a giggle! And please, we’d highly recommend not using real eyeballs! They don’t work as well after being dunked in tea (biscuits are much better). 

So first of all let’s take a look at the eye, just for reference:

Yeah, there it is, and it’s pretty realistic. The iris is light and it looks pretty freshly removed.

Here’s a photo from Arwel Wyn Jones’ Twitter (here) of the eye (and its partner) before its dunk.

As you can see they’re fantastic. But how can we recreate this amazing attention to detail at home? For those craft lovers out there you’ll be pleased to know that YouTube offers some fantastic tutorials for making your own realistic eyeballs at home (just like Sherlock did with his napkin folding!) Here are some of the best tutorial videos we’ve found:

For those of you who aren’t up for making your own eye prop there are hundreds of websites which sell ready-made eyes and depending on how realistic you want yours to be they can be very affordable. (Our thrifty followers may appreciate these Halloween prop eyes available on eBay.) If you’d like something more realistic have a search on Google to find some sites that sell eyes in your region. Here’s a few for starters:

If you’re thinking of hosting a Sherlock themed party in future you might want to include an eyeball cocktail! The eyeball garnish is easy to create using lychees. Here's a tutorial from Martha Stewart. There are loads of recipe variations for cocktail eyeballs (always using Lychees as a base) so have a search and see which one sounds most appetising to you!

Have fun with your eyeballs and if you do end up making your own please send us a picture!

sherlockislikeadrug asked, "Hi there! I've been browsing through this blog for a while (good job, btw!) and couldn't find "John's" chair in 221B. Did I miss it or isn't it on the blog? :)"

Hello! We don’t have a post on John’s chair no, but there’s a good reason for that, it’s because it’s one of a kind.

The chair, described as a “classic armchair” has been reupholstered in a modern fabric by Sherlock’s prop team. Also, according to Arwel Wyn Jones, John’s chair is broken:

"It is however quite an uncomfortable chair and is broken in certain parts and we were going to fix it for this series (Series Three) because everyone told me that it was really uncomfortable, other than Martin himself who doesn’t mind it at all so I left it well alone". - Arwel Wyn Jones [X]

loridimai asked, "Is the perfume Claire de la Lune purchasable?"

Unfortunately not, it was made especially for the show. The bottle, made from resin, was molded by Sherlock’s prop team.

If you’re looking for something similar the perfume Ghost has a similar moon shaped bottle.

If you have an idea of how you think Claire-de-la-Lune would smell we’d recommend commissioning one of the many amazing perfumers on Etsy. There’s already lots of Sherlock inspired perfumes available on the site so it’s only a matter or time before Claire-de-la-Lune is brought to life! 

themedusakatscade asked, "i was wondering if you could find a full picture of Mary's dress she wore in the empty herse. i am trying to make it but i can't find a good picture. cheers!"

You’re trying to make it! That’s great, we’d love to see some photos once you’re finished :) 

We’ve made a page here for you with lots of photos of Mary’s dress from all angles (and some close ups) which should hopefully make it a bit easier. Good luck, have fun with your project!

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate G3
As used by Mary in His Last Vow

USB 3.0. 32/64/128GB. 
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ASOS Twisted yarn jumper
As worn by Wiggins in His Last Vow

100% cotton. Ribbed neckline.
£35 / $58 Available here at asos.com (currently out of stock)