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This is just an update post for the New York Comic Con Wear Sherlock cosplay meet up. It will be held at the double staircase by the Main Stage exit and the food court. For those that went to the Doctor Who photoshoot on Friday, it’s right where that one was. 

The original post for the meet up can be found here, which details further information.

Can’t wait to see you all there!


Engineered Garments Baker Jacket
As worn by Martin Freeman

100% madras cotton. 
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New York Comic Con is just around the corner and we’re sure many of you are counting down the days. Even though none of Sherlock’s stars have been confirmed as attending the convention or any of the panels, we would like to bring the Sherlock spirit to the con and host a Wear Sherlock cosplay meet up!

Since NYCC’s layout has not yet been made available, we can’t give an exact location until closer to the date. What we do know for sure is that it will be on Sunday 12 October at 16.00, in the convention centre. We will make a post once we know the location so keep an eye out for that. If you’d like to be personally informed of the location once known, please leave us a message saying “cosplay meetup!” (and have your askbox open) so we can send you a message nearer the time.

The meet up will be organised by Risa, the newest member of the Wear Sherlock team. We hope that you will be happy to let Risa take photographs of your Sherlock cosplay and post them on the Wear Sherlock Twitter, but if not please let her know on the day.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Richard James Petrol Blue Hopsack Jacket
As worn by Benedict Cumberbatch at TIFF 2014

Horn buttons. 71% lambswool, 25% cotton, 4% cashmere.
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johankasim asked, "Hello! I wanted to buy Benedict's set mug, the one with stripes, but it is not available. Will the mug be available soon?"

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in the mugs. It should be available in our mug store, which you can find here

Here’s a direct link to Benedict’s mug just in case it wasn’t showing up for you for some reason. I hope you enjoy it!

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Richard James Burgundy Paisley Shirt
As worn by Benedict Cumberbatch at TIFF 2014

Semi-spread collar, double button cuffs. 100% cotton. 
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makeminemod asked, "Is that the same jacket John Watson wears in His Last Vow (final scene)?"

No it’s not, John’s jacket is from Barbour (check out the post here). They’re very similar though!

Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket
As worn by Benedict Cumberbatch at the gala screening of The Guest

Bellows pockets, antique brass hardware. 100% waxed cotton. 
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cumberbabe29 asked, "Hello! Do you know where I can purchase the t-shirt with a scientific equation on the front, which Benedict is wearing in his Ice Bucket Challenge video?"

Hi! Sadly we haven’t been able to identify it yet, only that the equation is (as many have already pointed out) for the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of a black hole: 


There also appears to be some kind of diagram on the back of the shirt - if there are any astrophysicists out there who can identify it, please get in touch!

UPDATE: It seems the t-shirt is a one-off from Hawking.

Jun from the team was nominated by Curly from the bakerstreetbabes to take the challenge!

Challenging: The rest of team Wear Sherlock, Caz and Risa; Sarah Arthur; and Arwel Wyn Jones! Your 24 hours starts… now.

Please go to http://alsa.org to find out more and to donate.

Lacoste Aircraft Print Shirt
As worn by Benedict Cumberbatch

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(take a closer look at the print here)

tea-n-brains asked, "Hello hello! Out ofncuriousity because it have been asked before: Have you ever posted where to find the mirror in 221b?"

Indeed! Our post on 221b’s mirror can be found here.

If you like mirrors, we also have Irene’s mirror here :)

jawnderlust asked, "Hello! I was hoping you could help me find where to purchase Sherlock's coffee table bowl/ fruit basket? It's pictured in your post on Mary's white Zara blouse. I love that bowl and I'm dying to have it! Thank you for your help!"

Hello there! The fruit bowl in 221b is the Campana Brother’s “blow up” design. We have a post about it here. Now it can be yours! 

Marc Jacobs Stam Bag
As used by Janine in His Last Vow

Quilted leather, golden brass hardware. Framed top with kiss-lock closure.
£871 / $1,495 No longer available 

mrslokke asked, "Hi! Could you please tell me which brand the grey shoulder bag Benedict is carrying in the Boston film set pics? Thank you!"

Hello! Unfortunately he’s had that bag for at least a year (he had it during setlock last summer x) and possibly longer, which makes identifying it very difficult. Sorry :(

We’ve had a lot of asks about his bag, so if anyone has any information about it then please tell us!