WEAR SHERLOCK: showcasing the clothing and props featured in the BBC show Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss.

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Wear Sherlock: The Sherlock fandom series #1

Argyle and cat pattern jumper
As worn by John and the other cast members in various fanarts

Crew neck. Glass cat eyes. Upcycled from old jumpers.
£32 / $48 Available here at etsy.com

The cat jumper’s story originated here when Tumblr user Sketchlock suggested that a colourful and cat-covered jumper posted for purely innocent reasons, would look good on John. Fan art was then created in mass, mostly showing John taunting Sherlock with his (slightly creepy) jumper, or other characters being forced to wear it. Many people also edited screencaps from the show to show John wearing the jumper. A popular manip can be seen here.  

The jumper was originally made by etsy.com member PrettySnake who eventually discovered the fandom’s interest in his clothing, so created a related jumper which can be found here, titled The Official Watson and Sherlock crazy cat jumper. As PrettySnake upcycles each jumper from an existing one the original design is no longer available. However, there are many similar designs available to buy at the link above.

(Fanart by heli0centric)

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