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This blog showcases the clothing and props seen in the show as well as providing links as to where to buy them. We often host giveaways and you can check our current giveaway status here. We also sell high quality Sherlock shirts and mugs!

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A Study in Font
—————Typography on screen in BBC Sherlock

"SHERLOCK" Title font
This font is custom made for the show using P22 Johnston Underground as a base. (Download link below.) Here is a fantastic title font analysis by justonelasttrick that shows how the title font has been altered from the Underground font. (An extremely similar free font, London Tube is available to download here.)

221B Door lettering
The gold plated numbers and upper case B that appear on the door of 221B are Times NR Seven MT Bold.  Our post on the lettering and door knocker can be found here
£16 / $26 Available here at myfonts.com

Text Messages
All the text messages in the show utilise AF Generation Z font (Medium)
£28 / $46 Available here at myfonts.com

Clues/Sherlock’s deducing
When Sherlock sees a clue, like with the pink lady’s wedding rings, the font that appears is P22 Johnston Underground which is also the base for the title font.
£12 / $20 Available here at myfonts.com

Irene’s Website
The sharp elegant font that appears on Irene’s website prints is ITC Elan Book
£16 / $26 Available here at myfonts.com

The font that appears on Irene’s Vertu phone lock screen is Verdana.
Verdana comes free with all modern computers.

Sherlock’s Headstone
The sophisticated gold lettering that appears on Sherlock’s headstone is engraved in Times New Roman, another free font that is included in the set of default computer fonts.


Keep Calm and Carry On font, (seen on a mug in The Fall). Download here (FREE)

And for anyone wondering, wearsherlock uses Gotham Bold for our logo/graphics.
The full Gotham suite can be downloaded here at typography.com

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