WEAR SHERLOCK: showcasing the clothing and props featured in the BBC show Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss.

We like hosting giveaways and you can check our current giveaway status here. We also sell high quality Sherlock shirts and mugs!

100% UNOFFICIAL - Not affiliated with the BBC


WEARSHERLOCK’s Cosplay Competition
 —————— Part of The Baker Street Babes' SHERLOPALOOZA event

If you’re attending this November’s Sherlopalooza extravaganza in Leicester Square you’ll automatically be eligible to enter our Cosplay Competition - all you’ll need to do is turn up to the event wearing a Sherlock costume! If you’ve not bought tickets for Sherlopalooza yet you can buy them here for just £30 and find out more information about the amazing full-day event at the official tumblr!

The cosplay judges will be the team from WearSherlock and The Baker Street Babes and if you’re a lucky winner you’ll receive your prizes on the day! There will also be official Sherlopalooza photographers at the event who will take professional shots of all guests in costume which will be available to download after the event!


If you’re one of the three winners you’ll win prizes from the following list. Many of these items (and even more) will also be up for grabs in the official Sherlopalooza raffle!

Sherlock t-shirts (3 surprise designs in a variety of sizes) Kindly donated by Qwertee
Official Sherlock 2013 calendars (available now at danilo.com and Amazon) Kindly donated by Danilo Calendars
Eschenbach Designo 5x magnifiers kindly donated by Associated Optical. (You can also get 25% off Sherlock’s magnifier and free international shipping at Associated Optical by using the code ‘SHERLOPALOOZA’ at the checkout!)
Adagio Sherlock teas (surprise selection) Kindly donated by Adagio
Official Sherlock OST CDs that you’ll be able to get autographed at the event by Sherlock’s composer Michael Price! Kindly donated by SilvaScreen Records
Steampunk Holmes books, kindly donated by the Author. Find out more at steampunkholmes.com
221Bee lip balms (x) Kindly donated by Dorian Grace
Moriarty I-O-U apple keyrings and an exclusive Sherlock charm bracelet kindly donated by Blue Cherry Jewellery
Replica Kitty Reilly “I love Sherlock” badges (x) seen in The Reichenbach Fall
Autographed memorabilia including a Sherlopalooza poster signed by all the guest speakers!
Official Sherlock tie-in books
Sherlock props seen in the show!
And much, much more!

@BakerStBabes and @wearsherlock will be posting images and exclusive sneak peeks of the prizes for both the Cosplay Competition and the official Sherlopalooza raffle at Twitter over the next few weeks so make sure you’re following for updates! We look forward to seeing you there!

If you can’t make Sherlopalooza there’s no need to fret about missing out on these awesome prizes! If you reblog this post not only will you be spreading the word you’ll also be automatically entered into a prize draw to win one of the items listed above! The randomly chosen online prize winner (and the prize!) will be revealed on the day (17th November) and on Twitter/Tumblr simultaneously. Good luck! Limited to one reblog per person. 

Our flyers were designed by the wonderful mystradedoodles // If you’d like to donate a prize to the Sherlopalooza raffle or Cosplay Competition please send us a message // There are less than 30 Sherlopalooza tickets remaining so buys yours now before they run out!

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