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makeminemod asked, "Is that the same jacket John Watson wears in His Last Vow (final scene)?"

No it’s not, John’s jacket is from Barbour (check out the post here). They’re very similar though!

cumberbabe29 asked, "Hello! Do you know where I can purchase the t-shirt with a scientific equation on the front, which Benedict is wearing in his Ice Bucket Challenge video?"

Hi! Sadly we haven’t been able to identify it yet, only that the equation is (as many have already pointed out) for the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of a black hole: 


There also appears to be some kind of diagram on the back of the shirt - if there are any astrophysicists out there who can identify it, please get in touch!

UPDATE: It seems the t-shirt is a one-off from Hawking.

mrslokke asked, "Hi! Could you please tell me which brand the grey shoulder bag Benedict is carrying in the Boston film set pics? Thank you!"

Hello! Unfortunately he’s had that bag for at least a year (he had it during setlock last summer x) and possibly longer, which makes identifying it very difficult. Sorry :(

We’ve had a lot of asks about his bag, so if anyone has any information about it then please tell us!

my-citrus-pocket asked, "I'd love to know what trainers Mycroft wears during his workout in The Sign of Three. I'm sure it would keep me and others motivated to go to the gym with them on a regular basis. ;)"

Mycroft is wearing a pair of Adidas adiSTAR Racer Shoes during that wonderful scene :D They’re available here for a motivational £57! 

(keep an eye out for a Vision TF20 treadmill while you’re at the gym too)

reineasaurus asked, "hi, do you know what phone Mycroft was using in The Sign of Three?"

Hello :) Mycroft’s phone is a Nokia Lumia 920. 

After Series Three has aired we will be posting a mobile phone and tech masterpost with all of the characters’ phones and laptops.

Our previous ones are here: Series One and Series Two 

splix71 asked, "Any info on Sherlock's camel dressing gown? Thanks!"

Like all of Sherlock’s other gowns/robes, it’s by Derek Rose :)

It will be posted in a couple of hours! 

randomness-overload-pop asked, "Uhm I was going to ask if you can post something about Mary's wedding dress here 'cause it was really lovely :) Anyway lots of love for your blog! :D"

Sarah Arthur (Sherlock’s costume designer) has just confirmed on Twitter that Mary’s dress is from Jane Bourvis. Jane Bourvis is a vintage bridal couturier and atelier who specialises in restoring antique wedding dresses.

As each piece of Bourvis’ is made from a vintage dress, we won’t be able to post exact specifications of Mary’s particular one. What we do know is that it is completely unique and that there won’t be another one like it in the world :)

russialovespilots asked, "Do you have links for the furniture of 221B?"

We have a furniture tag here, but it’s not very full up as many of the items (such as John’s chair and the 221b sofa) are very tricky to pin down. 

If anyone out there happens to be a furniture expert and would like to help us find more pieces from the show, that would be brilliant! 

lizabethstucker asked, "You do such wonderful work. Now I have seen something I can't live without. I absolutely loved the blouse that Mary was wearing at 221B, the pretty one with the little hands with thumb up (or down, as the case may be). Anything you might find out about it would be wonderful. I definitely will be buying this one."

Hello, and thank you :) 

The shirt is by Antipodium clothing and it will be posted later on today. We’ve had so many questions about the shirt, here and on Twitter, it seems to be one of the most popular items ever!

deepblueyonder asked, "LOVING the work, ladies! Inspiring dedication to the fandom :) thoroughly impressed! FYI for the last ask, Irene's aSiB pumps occasionally pop up on eBay as lots of women sell them on when they realise they can't walk in them :) I got my hardly worn spare pair in this way for half the retail price! Top tip: search for shoes in European sizing half a size up from your usual - I.e UK size 4 search 'Louboutin Big Stack 37.5' as they run small and GOOD LUCK! x"

Thank you so much, it means a lot to us ladies (and gent!)

That’s a great tip about Irene’s shoes so I hope you don’t mind me publishing this for others to see :)

mmagori-deactivated20140309 asked, "Hello there. I'd like to know whether you have any information on shoes male characters and Irene Adler wear. Some names and links would be appreciated C:"


Hope that helps :)

nerd-city asked, "Hello, hello! Thanks so much for putting together this amazing blog! I love it! I was just wondering if you have any information on some of the watches worn by the cast? I have a little obsession and would love to know more about the ones John and Sherlock (or Martin and Benedict) wear! Thanks!!!"

Hello there :) Thank you so much for the compliment!

Irene Adler was wearing a Classic Ladies watch by Hugo Boss and Sherlock wears a Gents Vintage by Rotary (but we don’t have posts for those.. yet!)

regenschirmchen asked, "I think it is interesting that the wardrobe of all the characters is that expensive. I'm not sure they could all afford that... At least not in that amount..."

It is indeed an interesting point to make, and one of the things we see discussed the most when people reblog our posts: “How could John afford that watch on an army pension?”, “How could Sherlock afford to duplicate a £17,000 phone?” and “Why would Molly spend that much on one shirt?”, come immediately to mind. But this is where the Sherlock fandom’s talent for frame-by-frame analysis may need to be stepped back for a moment to look at the “bigger picture”. It is of course a valid point to make and a brilliant talking point, but first I think we need to remind ourselves of the “world” in which Sherlock exists before we can pull certain parts of it, (like an expensive watch or shirt), out into “reality” and scrutinise it for not being realistic.

Sherlock’s production team have created a stunning setting for the characters to exist within using cinematography, set design/dressing, lighting, costume design, editing/post-production, specially chosen locations, music, and many more elements than could fit into this list without making it a ridiculous length. Every single detail of the set is created to keep the world and atmosphere of Sherlock to a particular standard, even down to the dust. (“I have a small crop duster that was originally designed for doing window gardens. It blows a little, gentle cloud of dust that settles down [onto the 221b set].” - Arwel Wyn Jones [X].) Filming with some of the best high-speed cameras and lenses on the market gives Sherlock a noticeable quality too, with a sharp high-definition image double that of standard HD dramas. When you take this quality of image into consideration, it suddenly becomes apparent why the quality of the props and costumes needs to be so high. When the production team put this much effort into the overall “look” of the show, using cheaper items would actually be detrimental to what they’re trying to achieve visually.

The “look” is possible of course due to the show’s huge budget (more than double the average budget spent per hour of drama on BBC One) but Sherlock’s BAFTA award winning production designer Arwel Wyn Jones, and Emmy nominated costume designer Sarah Arthur don’t splurge on props and costumes “because they can”, and often don’t. In past interviews the pair have talked about finding deals on high-end items in second hand shops or on eBay, and scaling back on the more expensive things they’d have preferred to of used.

The budget for Sherlock’s costuming and props is so high because the production values are so high. Whilst dressing Mary in a Marks and Spencer coat would be more realistic in the “real world”, the visual quality could never match that of the vintage Christian Dior we will see her wear on film. It’s because we Sherlock fans love to analyse Sherlock’s visuals so much, that we notice these excessive costume choices in the first place and I wonder if we’d be looking at the show in a different way, (or perhaps not even looking at it at all), if a decision to only dress the sets and characters in what those characters could logically afford had been made early on. Without the expensive (high quality) items, Sherlock just wouldn’t be Sherlock. 

Sorry, got a bit carried away there! ^^’

theolddictionary asked, "You all are saints. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do. <3"

Gosh, thank you! <3

sneaky-little-hobbit asked, "Hiya, not sure if you posted this but the eyeliner Sherlock steals to draw a moustache is No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eye Liner. The name is visible before he takes it from the ladies clutch. I'm nearly 100% sure. :)"

You’re absolutely right!


For those interested, it’s available here at boots.com for £8